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Be a blessing

Be a blessing. Train children well Proverbs 22:6
Be a blessing

Some time ago when ice creams weren’t expensive a 10 year old boy went to an ice cream parlour.
While sitting at the table he asked the waitress how much does a sundae cost? To which the waitress replied;
“50 cents”.
The boy took out his money from his pocket and began counting it.
“Well how much does a simple ice cream cost?”
There were other people waiting to be served;
so the waitress began to get a little impatient;
” 35 cents” she replied abruptly.
The boy counted his money again and ask for a simple ice cream. The waitress served him the ice cream and gave him his bill.
The boy eat the ice cream, paid his bill at the cash till counter and left.
When the waitress went to clean the table,
she began to cry.
In the plate, the boy had left her a 15 cent tip.
The boy had a simple ice cream instead of a sundae so that he could leave the waitress a tip.

Be a blessing. Train children well

Be a blessing 3

Matthew 5:16

Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

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