The power of agreement

Over the last twenty years, I have often stood alone in the streets of London sharing my faith in the Kingdom of God and His salvation through Jesus Christ. However,  because I was ineffective in persuading others to join me on the streets, it gave further licence to unbelievers to make light of these issues, as I approached them. As Christians, although we are aware of the great commission outlined in Matthew 28:18-20 , we struggle to squeeze it into our busy lives. So, because we have not esteemed this as a priority, neither do most non believers.

But what if we agreed to all evangelise for at least three days a year, over the next three years, and instead of one passionate individual standing alone, there were many Christians sharing the same message in each city throughout the world, several months of the year; then we could be relatively certain that everyone had received a personal invitation to share eternal life with us.

Although the message would not have changed, the power of agreement (John 17:20-23 ) will bring in the harvest that God has ordained.    Your registration will add momentum to what will shortly happen in the streets throughout the world as other Christians consider whether to get involved; and so what you choose to do next can affect many others.

 False prophets?

Many divine moves to save souls have never seen the light of day because we could not rightly discern whether it was from God or whether we were about to waste our precious time getting involved with an initiative that did not come from Him.

We become even or sceptical where we have never heard of the source. This is very unfortunate because it limits God to using the same people over and over again and where He wants to do a new thing, it can be wrongly rejected.

 The vessel

My name is Andrew Allen. I was ordained in 2003. I am head of outreach at Charis,  in London. You will find a word of encouragement from me in the video below.  Although, you will not have heard of me, can I ask you to prayerfully consider coming into agreement with us for millions of additional souls to be saved over the next four years all over the world?

Andrew Allen’s diary 2017


Your outreach questions should be address to:

AA @ Who Is Right & How To Evangelise
Suite A0199
265-269 Kingston Road
Wimbledon, London, SW19 3NW

E-mail: [email protected]

If you feel unable to stand in agreement and register with us your commitment to share your faith in Jesus Christ on any of the dates that we have suggested over the next three years, can we ask you to seek out your local evangelist and stand with them as they continue the work.

Worldwide Revival Host Registration

As fellow stewards, we request just a few details from you on the “Host Registration” page above.

Thank you

We appreciate the time that you have given us today.