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Next steps

Next steps. Prepare a place
Next steps

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Next Steps
(After going through the teachings above)

A check list

1. Let us pray; seeking confirmation that it is the will of God for you to  preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and confirm when this should be done in 2016 to 2018 at least. Then let us start the
following process as soon as possible.

2. Establish who you will be working with and agree the dates and times. Please register your agreement with us.

3. Let each of us send a representative to meet other Churches or other Christian organisation’s representatives locally to agree which streets you will take responsibility for on what dates and times. In the invitations, let us be helpful with guidance about parking and accessing the correct room or hall of the venue.

Let each representative attend the meeting with a large A3 copy of a map of their organisation’s surrounding catchment area with the roads, streets, avenues and housing estates that they propose to take responsibility for highlighted with a marker.
Let us also produce an alphabetical list of these roads on a
separate A4 page. Where a neighbouring Church does not appear at the meeting nor send an apology or explanation with a commitment to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in their local area, let us cover their catchment area by agreement to ensure that every person in the city is catered for and add  these roads to a separate blank third sheet of normal A4 paper. Let all three pages have the name of the Church/organisation as a title.

After a brief time of worship, prayer and fellowship, you could
divide yourselves into four large groups, based on whether you are located in the North,  East, South or West of the city and then pair up with institutions closest to one another to agree the boundaries of your labour.

On the outreach day, evangelists/coordinators should text each
other confirming that their members are able to accomplish their work.
If however, the attendence by one Church falls short and those who do attend are unlikely to be able to cover their area; it would be helpful if another Church is able to provide that cover. Matthew 21:28-32.

Where the work is not complete during an outreach day or where too many people were not in, or available, let us agree to visit again on another day within a month or two.

4.  Let each of us agree what the offer will be. Will there be a tray of treats or not? Which tracks will be used, if any? When will these be printed, and hand delievered etc? What is the referral process where you come across a neighbour who needs support? Will there be any locally shared resources or services etc? Luke 10:25-37.

5. Let us begin to prepare all the members of each Church with times of prayer, (and fasting?) sermons, training, and other activities that equip the saints.

Let us make any necessary changes in the Church, or other
Christian organisation, to accommodate more enquiries and growth.

6. Let us all faithfully attend each proposed outreach date on time, if not early. Avoid attempting to squeeze anything else in on these few days. Let us prepare everything well in advance with the last and smallest details completed at least the night before.

7. During the subsequent month, after each outreach, let us please
follow up everyone and all outstanding matters. Allow times to share testimonies and later celebrate with the saints what the Lord has done and is doing. Psalms 118:20-29.

How to evangelize effectively

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